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“There are moments when one has to choose between living one’s own life, fully, entirely, completely-or dragging out some false, shallow, degrading existence that the world in its hypocrisy demands.”

This quote from Oscar Wilde sums up the state of mind in which I was a year ago. So I decided to take the plunge and live the life that suits me away from traced paths: a career, a good salary, a husband, a house, children. My dreams have not changed but I see them big and colorful.

D-1 before departure. Some things are not ready yet, but is a piece of art ever complete? I do not consider this trip as a piece of art. I consider it rather like a quest, that of happiness. Mine first. Although it may seem selfish and self-centered, it seems essential to me to be happy to be able to give the best of oneself to others.

What force makes the heart of men beat? A dream, a passion? A peaceful life? Loved ones at one’s side? A newfound health? A desire to see a fairer, warmer and more peaceful world? I happened to think that the world is not always making sense, some human beings driven by a personal quest for ever more extravagant wealth, but I remain convinced that human beings are capable of the best. History is countless with altruistic personalities who have changed the lives of tens, hundreds, or even thousands, so why not me, why not us? Why not make this world a better world?


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30 days before the big day, the day of departure!
That’s it, the blog has actually been created today. I’ve made up my mind regarding the bike, I’m almost done with the rest of the equipment, I started vaccines and the paperwork is almost through.

For the last few weeks, as the date approached, I started administrative and medical procedures and so I had to explain to various people why I was here. “Why do you want to transfer your file? – I’ll move soon, I’m going to go around the world … ”
I always had opposite reactions from people: they were either enthusiastic or incredulous. “Oh yes, that’s a beautiful project! And you’re gone for 3 years? Well this is a sacred adventure! ”

Or “Oh, you are going to tour the world ?! Cycling?! And where are you going? Russia?! China?! “Followed by a dubious pout or dismayed, and regularly a” You are not afraid! ”
As Misha Defonseca wrote, “Fear does not avoid danger, courage either. But fear makes weak, and courage makes strong. ”
Finally came the question of who was going to come with me. When I said that I’d go alone, the look was a mix of astonishment mingled with disbelief. I take a risk, of course, that to leave everything and go exploring. Not knowing what will be tomorrow or who it will be with. Living, held by waves of encounters along my journey. Is it then a form of jealousy or paternalism? Probably a bit of both mixed feelings.
But make no mistake: if my first reaction is mixed with annoyance, then follows sadness. For each, driven by the passion of an unfulfilled dream, can move mountains.